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Do you want to start getting paying customers, consistently and confidently?

 5 Steps to Create a Compelling Offer and Get Paying Clients
 —  28 October  —
16.00–17.00 CET

Are you struggling to create an irresistible online offer that sells?

In this FREE training you will learn:

  • How to plan with the end in mind
  • What will make your ideal client excited about your offer
  • ​What problem your ideal client is facing
  • ​How to create and deliver on a big promise
  • ​How to price your offer

This training takes you through each step to create a compelling offer.

We weren’t able to scale our service businesses until we built a compelling online offer that our ideal client wanted.

This free training provides you with the step-by-step framework to create a compelling online offer that your ideal client wants to invest in.
You will learn how to confidently create your online offer that will generate sales!

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Two months from now you could have more paying customers!

You can start to have the business you really want. With the right structure, framework and know-how, you can stop chasing project after project with an online offer that will attract more paying customers for your business. All it takes is structure, bold action and consistency.
Lara Wilkens & Silja Thor
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